About The Department

The Department of Human Resources was established with the Faculty of Bussiness Administration under Sublime Guidance No. 5150/MP of 1429/7/3 AH, containing the approval of the Late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al- Saud, to be one of the scientific departments available to the Northern Border University's students.

The program was established after the approval of Department Council No. (1) on 1436/2/15H, the Council of the Faculty of Business Administration No. (1) on 1436/2/17H, the Standing Committee of Systems and Plans in Session No. (5) on 1436/2/18H, and the University Council Session No (3) on 3/7/1436.

The Human Resources Management Program offers self-study to obtain programmatic accreditation according to the criteria of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA).

Dr. Naid Fawzi Al-Rwili
Head of Human Resources Management Department

Vision and Mission


To distinguish the department at the local and regional levels in Human Resources.


Prepare qualified graduates capable of meeting the needs of the labor market of human resources through an academic study plan that contributes to improving scientific research and serving the local community.


  • Familiarize students with different concepts in human resources management and problems experienced by other organizations.
  • Familiarize the student with the functions of human resources management.
  • Familiarize the student with human resources management activities.
  • Develop students' skills in training and human resources management.
  • Develop measurement and performance assessment skills for human resources.
  • Provide students with job and job description analysis skills.
  • Use modern technical programs in human resources management processes.
  • Apply methods of scientific research in the field of human resources management.
  • Build a partnership with the local community in the area of human resources.